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Potty Training Tips

Learning to use the potty is a big transition for children and we are here to work with you

and your child during this learning experience.


Children are quick to learn when they see others using the toilet and when parents and teachers have high expectations. We have found that consistent potty training at home leads to successful potty training at school. We know that accidents happen and they are to be expected.


Some of our parents have been very happy using Lora Jensen’s “3 Day Potty Training” technique. Her PDF version is available for download at


Here are few ways to help your child succeed:


  • Start by having your child help you throw away their diapers

  • Plan on accidents and spending a few days at home focused on your little one and potty training

  • Let your child pick out their own underwear at the store

  • Purchase padded training pants and avoid using pull-ups or diapers

  • Instruct your child to tell you when they have to go potty rather than forcing them to sit on the toilet. This will make them feel like they are in control.

  • Remind them often to keep their underwear dry and be generous with praises when they do. If your child starts going in their underwear, quickly pick them up and rush them to the bathroom.

  • Keep it positive. Anytime they go in the toilet, give them a reward and praise them. At the same time, keep it positive when they have the inevitable accident.

  • After your child has started school, keep your child’s cubby stocked with three full changes of clothes, including socks, and one extra pair of shoes.


The biggest motivator is parent encouragement and approval. Training can be a long process for many children, so patience and understanding is important.


If you're enrolled but still in the process of potty training, you may bring your child to our school for visits. These visits can be a great motivating tool and will help your little one get acclimated with our school and staff before their first day of school. Please talk with our director to schedule your visits.


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