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One-on-One Summer Tutoring

The Specialist

Karyn Robertson, Bluff View’s curriculum director and reading specialist, offers individual tutoring sessions to a limited number of students during our summer session.


The Details

Mrs. Robertson begins by individually assessing each child.  She then develops a specifically tailored program to meet the needs of each child. Parents will receive a written evaluation of their child’s assessment, academic strengths and areas tutored, as well as strategies to strengthen areas needing additional attention. Assessment and instruction is based on the State Preschool Foundations and the California Department of Education Curriculum Standards for Kindergarten to prepare students for the rigors of Common Core Standards in kindergarten and beyond.


The Value

Tutoring for each child is scheduled for six half-hour sessions. Each session is $65.00, for a total of $390.00 per student, payable to Karyn Robertson.  Applications are available at the front desk. Applications complete with payment will be dated when received and students will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Students scheduled for tutoring will receive a letter confirming their acceptance. For questions or more information you may email Karyn Robertson at or contact the front office.

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